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Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power – Bob Doyle

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I pulled a novel from the stack of to-be-reads and opted for a self-help book about the Law of Attraction instead. I am really curious about the relationship of imagination and creativity to material things and manifestation. Science is still sorting out various iterations of physics–helpful but not the whole story–so I regard these alchemical efforts to merge magic and molecules as brave experiments that may reveal significant truths. Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power is an interesting take on creating the life you want in the middle of the muddle that is. I began it a bit tired and skeptical–Bob Doyle tells you what he is going to tell you and does that several times so I floundered for a while in repetitive. But I’m as guilty of resisting change as anyone and overcoming resistance is what this book is about so I read on.

It got better and better. There are no surprises here–I’ve learned and tried EFT (got rid of a headache with it while reading), understand and accept that everything is made of energy and that our attention impacts what we observe (science, not self-help theory! actual published studies in serious journals!), and I have digested a bookshelf of Law of Attraction books. Doyle was featured in “The Secret” so he contends with the negative reaction to that material, and even addresses it in this book. But the message floated in a bit deeper as I read Follow… The drama queen in me periodically gets all angsty and panicked about financial freefall in this wrecked economy. I stubbornly hang on and then watch a kind of hurricane beach erosion swallow chunk after chunk of my life. Yet, at the same time, I get it. I do understand that we can choose our reality–I’m just such a creature of conditioning that stepping into a different reality feels like a fatal heresy to me. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

And there is a lot of evidence; I am not insensitive to signs and portents. Doyle’s book is a big “Listen up” to how your inner chat controls your outer actions. A most excellent reminder. Words of wisdom about acting on intuition are also pragmatic and not the least woo-woo. It is, like all self-help books, equipped with the exercises and lined pages for you to write (again) your intentions, dreams, etc. But it also has an appendix full of useful resources for exploring the ideas he talks about in greater depth.

I intended to divert my attention from depressing reality but instead I reminded myself to get back in the game and stop buying into the brainwashing. We live in a mess but this is also a turning point. A new paradigm is pushing up from the muck and anyone who is serious about change can water it, clear away the weeds, give it some sun. Definitely a hopeful thing to grow that little weed into a beanstalk. Follow Your Passion is a nice idea but Find Your Power is even better. 

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction  
Bob Doyle | Hampton Roads Publishing   2011

The Magic – Rhonda Byrne

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I never read bazillion-seller The Secret, although I did see lengthy excerpts from the movie. It seemed like a very cleverly packaged version of the Law of Attraction and other manifestation practices based on older traditions of being in harmony with what surrounds you. Interesting enough. So, as I reluctantly returned A. N. Wilson’s The Elizabethans (great book) to the library half-read–can’t renew it if someone else is waiting for it–I picked up Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic which was sitting on the new-book shelf. I believe in magic–a deep, pagan, animistic, astrophysical, inspiriting force that is omnipresent, innate and infrangible–and I am always happy to explore theories and thinking about it. This was not that book.

What The Magic is is a book-length reminder to practice gratitude, not a bad thing to consider. Real gratitude, the understanding and appreciation for what exists in our lives, is more or less trained out of us in this consumer culture. Gratitude requires reflection, focus, savoring the moment, recognizing a true gift, seeing with the intelligence of the heart. It is very positive and very powerful and can shift your mood, your behavior, your relationships, and your beliefs almost instantly. For me, at least, it’s a lesson to learn over and over again and has more to do with stepping outside the facade of this illusory world and into clear, spare being. Needs more work.

Byrne has produced a workbook with essays in the popular self-help format that targets a general audience. Some of the logic is, um, forced. It’s predictable. You could find several suggestions silly. But beneath the packaged lessons are a few good ideas and a basic premise that can open your eyes. Think about what is good and delightful and valuable for you. Be glad you know it/have it/enjoy it. Say so, if only to yourself. Gratitude can push back the veil that obscures the light we really live in.

I won’t take up Byrne’s 28-day chapter-by-chapter program to change my life–there are stronger ways for me to tap into magic.  But I do like the advice about the magic rock that you hold every night before you go to sleep as you conjure up the best thing that happened in your day. That’s a great idea. So much negativity batters us from all sides, all the time, that it’s easy to forget what blessings we have. I have just the rock, a smooth, palm-size chunk of white quartz that was sitting on the kitchen counter next to a jade plant that has stubbornly survived every possible kind of neglect. Pure magic.

The Magic (The Secret)   Rhonda Byrne | Atria Books   2012