Capitalist Tool

booklolly features Amazon links for the convenience of readers and the benefits to the blog and the blogger. I think a book review is more appealing with a book cover. Amazon provides cover art–although, in a few cases, the versions I read are not a match to the covers of the latest editions. So the links make the blog look better and, if a post reminds you you’ve been meaning to buy that book and read it, all you have to do is click.

The links are also a potential but extremely modest source of income in these uncertain days of vanishing jobs and contracts. booklolly gets a ha’pence or two if you click the link to purchase a book. Actually, anything you buy from Amazon by clicking a link on this blog contributes to the Dickensian remittance Amazon deposits in my account. So feel free to support the reading of literature, great and not-so-great, by doing your holiday shopping online through a booklolly link. Buy a computer or a tractor and booklolly gets two bits—or something like that.

Naturally, we are grateful for your support and delighted to encourage more reading. Reading exercises the imagination and leads to a more intelligent and enlightened society. Amazon fees keep the lights on around here. It’s all good.

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