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Sometimes Moon – Carole Lexa Schaefer

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We’ve been enjoying the fabulous blue moon over Central Park these last few nights–the weather has been clear for a change so the moon is perfectly round and fat and visible. There is something infinitely calming and hopeful about standing around soaking up moonlight. When my kid was small we would link arms under a full moon, coming home from baby violin class in winter usually, and sing a pieced-together version of “I Want to Be Seen with You” from “Funny Girl.” (The moon, over mother’s saloon...) So Sometimes Moon gets high marks for a picture book to delight in, read aloud if you are big enough, and learn about the phases of the moon along with the life of a little Greek girl named Selene. If you’ve ever had trouble remembering which is waxing and which is waning, it might help you, too.

Carole Lexa Schaefer writes a charming story and Pierr Morgan creates bright, engaging illustrations that are simple and wonderful. Selene lives by the sea in a family with her mother, father, baby brother, grandmother and grandfather. The grandfather is a fisherman so the family goes for dory rides in the moonlight and Selene helps him to mend nets. Then she imagines a fishnet for the moon with her criss-crossed fingers. Each element of her life links to a phase of the moon with seashells in crescent shapes and baby brother’s round cheeks as full as the moon. It’s easy to grasp and the warm family is comforting. Selene is an exuberant little girl and her ‘ownership” of the moon is fully supported by the grown-ups in her life. Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon so the child is aptly named–or maybe she is the moon goddess. Just a very small one.

Sometimes Moon doesn’t burden you with mythology (pity, I LOVE mythology) but it does include a basic primer on waxing and waning–with pictures. So you can finally get it right.

Sometimes Moon   Carole Lexa Schaefer | Crown  1999