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If You Find a Rock – Peggy Christian

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If You Find a Rock is a magical, reflective meditation on the bits of quartz, granite and fossil you might find in your meanderings–and what they might signify. Peggy Christian’s prose and Barbara Hirsch Lember’s tinted photographs give the book a timeless air that makes it a classic–at least I think it should be a classic. Get acquainted with skipping rocks, mossy boulders, climbing rocks, chalk rocks, and wishing rocks and then wander outside and imagine a meaning for the rock you find.

The wishing rock has a stripe embedded all the way around that you trace as you make a wish. A walking rock is one you kick in front of you along the sidewalk home and a splashing rock is for pitching into a pool of water that will produce an explosion of gleaming drops. A worry rock is smooth enough to rub, like fingering worry beads, to soothe away cares.

The language of this book is spare and almost poetic. You could read it quietly with someone still small enough to wonder at found things like pebbles on a walk. And then you might take that walk and hunt for a big rock to scale or a tiny rock that just fits in your palm.  A rock to help you remember how to be in this physical world like a child, capable of discovering magic everywhere. 

If You Find a Rock   Peggy Christian | Harcourt   2000