The Bookstore in the Basement

The Upper West Side has a hidden second-hand bookstore that appears and disappears like Howl’s Moving Castle and holds a continually replenishing trove of treasures beyond counting. Twice a month, usually on a Wednesday and a Saturday, although on no fixed schedule, its doors open to the public for a few glorious hours of bargain-price bibliomania.

Pick a category–you’ll find a shelf or a section of titles: fiction, science fiction, fantasy, science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, gender studies, travel, technology, medicine, mysteries, space, poetry, foreign languages, art, photography, self-help, religion. There are CDs and DVDs, even a custom oak bookcase and viewing pedestal for a complete Oxford English Dictionary.  And the children’s books range from classics to current favorites with plenty of I Can Read books for beginner book addicts.

Children’s books, classics to contemporary

The secret stash of books totals about 40,000 volumes each sale, although you probably won’t find multiple copies of any title at one time. Regulars know to bring a sturdy canvas satchel and cash–temptation always overwhelms good sense and an armload of books is heavy to haul home. So, if you are dedicated to the acquisition of delicious books and happen to be in the vicinity of the St. Agnes Library on Amsterdam between 81-82nd, check out the flyer on the door to find the next shop-op in the basement (Wednesday, May 30 from 1:00 – 5:00). There are no overstuffed chairs and bookstore cats to add atmosphere but you could always repair to a nearby pub to peruse your intemperate purchases and use some of the money you saved for a pint or two. Literary New York, paradise for savvy book junkies.



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